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Student Apartments London

If you are looking for a student apartment in London there are many great opportunities. You can find your own studio apartment with a kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom, or you could share a flat with several other students at a student accommodation. In a shared flat, you will typically have your own bedroom and in some cases an en-suite bathroom, however in some cases you will share kitchen facilities and common rooms, with the other flat mates. It is also possible to find student apartments suitable for one or two people, making it possible for you to live with a friend or a partner.

How to find student apartments in London

With a membership at you can easily find those student accommodations with one, two or even three rooms. Our advanced filtration system even makes it possible to find student accommodations with private en-suite bathrooms, a shared kitchen and much more. The filtration system makes it easy to find a student apartment or student flat that is both affordable and matches your preferences.

There are many student flat possibilities in London, but the lack of transparency makes it difficult to know, if you are making the right choice. Use our system, and benchmark the possibilities, to make sure you end up with an affordable and high-quality student apartment.

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A student apartment in the inner city or in the suburbs?

Use our Student Accommodation Map and choose the number of rooms you are looking for in a student flat. Then select if your apartment needs a kitchenette and bathroom. Click “Find student accommodations” and you are ready to explore the options fitting your preferences all over London.

The Student Accommodation Map gives you a complete overview of the possibilities and the distance from the student flats and the city’s many offerings, sights and educational institutions.

Explore your student apartments london options today

A selection of student accommodations with apartments in London

Praed Street Apartment

Praed Street Apartments have eleven two-, three- and four-bedroom flats, that all come with fully equipped kitchens and lounges. 
All student apartments are centrally heated, and lounges come with a flat-screen TV, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends or roommates.

These student apartments are located within a 10-minute walking distance from Oxford Street in central London. In addition, you have easy access to The Edgware tree tube station, and you can find almost everything that London has to offer within walking distance from this student apartment. 

Praed Street Apartment outside building hot

Nido West Hampstead

The Nido West Hampstead is home to more than 350 national and international students every year. This student accommodation offers studios and en-suite apartments, that are fully furnished with their own private kithenette.

The student apartments share both living rooms and kitchens with other flatmates, but still gives the ability to withdraw to your own bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

street view Nido West Hampstead