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Find a Student Accommodation: Save time and money

The market consists of a variety of different housing suppliers both private, public and non-profit organizations offering students a place to live. However, the facilities, locations, and prices are ranging significantly from one to another.  For example, the weekly rent comes from less than £67.5 to more than £600.
The large difference in rent makes it possible for you to save a lot of money each week, by making the right research on the market and look at various possibilities. However, it can be a huge job to identify accommodation possibilities and that’s why we have created We are aiming to collect and compare student accommodations across London. is an independent website with no interest in highlighting one accommodation in front of another. We are here to help students find an affordable and comfortable student accommodation.

On the page “Accommodation” you can select your weekly price level, desired location, room facilities and find student accommodations based on your housing criteria. Then you can start exploring each student accommodation and find the ones you want to apply for, or wants to book – just follow the link.