Private Halls London – How to find a private hall in London?
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Private Halls London

Looking for at private student hall In London? Then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of great opportunities within private halls. We provide you with easy access to suitable private halls that fits your preferences and budget. With, searching for a private hall in London no longer needs to be time consuming and though.

What is a private hall?

A private hall is a student accommodation independent from colleges and universities. A private hall is basically the same as a ‘normal’ Hall of Residence operated by your educational institution and is only for students enrolled at the given university or college. 

A private student hall has, in most cases, nothing to do with your institution, and is open to students from different schools, colleges and universities. The application rules might differ from one private student hall to another, and some might accept all kinds of students no matter the degree or institution, while some might have specific request.

Looking for private halls london? You have come to the right place.

Who can live at private halls London

There is no easy answer to this question. Application rules might differ from one private student accommodation to another, which makes it challenging to understand one’s opportunities without a proper guide. Some student halls accept students attending a local college, and others might only be available to students at a specific university e.g. City University of London. However, no matter which education or institution you are enrolled at, there are several great possibilities for you.

We have made it easy to access the student halls that you are able to apply to based on your educational institution. As a member of you are able to select your institution, and the system will automatically remove student accommodations that you are not able to apply to. This way, you only need to spend time on looking at places that are relevant for you.

Goodenough College

133 private student accommodations available to local London students

Go explore more than 130 different private student accommodations as a member of – all accepting students enrolled at an educational institution in London. Find the filtration box by clicking “Student Accommodations” in the menu and select “Accommodations accepting all students” and you will be exposed to student accommodations and halls all across London.

A selection of Private Halls in London

The Collective Old Oak – Private Hall London

The Old Oak is a newly opened co-living accommodation concept. Excluding the rooms there is an amazing 10,000 square meters of space, which is exactly what makes The Collective Old Oak such a special student accommodation. You will find a variety of great common facilities from beautifully designed kitchens, which you share with other residents, to lounges placed on each floor in the tall building. These are the perfect facilities to host a dinner or a party with friends, family or co-residents. 

Furthermore, you have access to a gym, spa, cinema, library, restaruant, bar, rooftop terraces and much more. In other words, you have everything you need and more, when living at The Old Oak.

All rooms comes with a double bed, desk, kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom. Regular room cleaning and linen changes comes as a standard service.

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Cartwright Gardens – Private Hall London

Cartwright Gardens offers a great deal of different studio types, which differs in shape, size, rent and facilities. All flats have direct access to a garden, and some studios have a balcony towards the street and a few have patios. Most of the studios are self-contained. The studios have a flat-screen TV with access to Sky and digital channels. 

Cartwright Gardens is located in Bloomsbury, in the heart of London’s academic district, and only one mile from the central point in London. The hall is located not far from several of London’s major Universities.

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