Halls of Residence - Worth to know about Halls of Residences in London
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Halls of Residence

If you are looking for Halls of Residence in London you have come to the right place. We aim to provide you with important information about the Hall of Residence in London in order for you to find the perfect new student room in London.

What is Halls of Residence?

A student residence is an accommodation build only for students. It is a housing solution where students can live while they are studying at college or university. Halls of Residence is also known as dormitories, which are the same as student residences but typically managed by the University or in collaboration with a private housing company.

Many universities in London offers dormitories for students enrolled at the given university – these dormitories are called Halls of Residence in the United Kingdom.

Halls of residence advantages

Halls are large buildings with either en-suite rooms or flats organized with several rooms sharing kitchen facilities and in some cases bathroom facilities.

Many Universities guarantee first-year-students a place at a Hall of Residence, and sometimes even international postgraduate students are offered these too. However, you need to read the application rules, which might vary from university to university.

Halls of Residences are comfortable, and a lot of practicalities are taken care of for you. For example, most Hall of Residences has a team of employees to assists you if problems should occur. Moreover, rooms are also fully furnished, and the weekly rent includes utilities. Halls are typically located at campus or in the nearby surroundings, which makes transportation to and from the university easy.

How much does a student room at Halls of Residence cost?

The comfort at a Hall of Residence typically comes at a premium price compared to a private student accommodation. Therefore, It might be a good idea to explore your options and expand your research beyond Halls of Residences. At Londonstudenthome.com we have gathered 250 student accommodations (including Halls of Residences) making it easier for you to do proper research before making your decision.

This way you might be able to save a significant amount of money. The student accommodation market in London is wide and complex. It offers hundreds of great possibilities, but you might end up paying too much in rent. The weekly rent varies from £67.5 to +£600 depending on your choice.

Create a membership at Londonstudenthome.com to use our filtration-variables and start comparing the rent.

Expore halls of residence in London

Why Private student accommodations are a good alternative

Private student accommodations are accommodation options that are not administrated or owned by a university or any other educational institution. There are several good reasons for choosing a private or independent student accommodation. One is the likelihood of saving money from paying less rent. Another is the fact that you in many cases can live next to one or more friends, or even be able to share a flat with your friends.

Halls of Residences are typically for first-year-students which means that you have to move out after the first year. Therefore, it might be the best solution to find a long-term student room while you are studying. There are plenty of options within private student accommodations, and this gives you great possibilities of finding one matching your needs. It can be difficult to navigate through the private student accommodation options. Therefore, we have gathered over 100 private student accomodation options at our website. Create a membership and explore the options by clicking “Student accommodation” in the menu and selecting “Private student accommodations only” in our filtration system. Remember to select your institution of education at the same time, and we will make sure, that you are only exposed to accommodations you are actually able to apply for.


Tizard Hall

Tizard Hall offers great bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. There are shared kitchen facilities but with plenty of room for your kitchen equipment. Residents at Tizard Hall has access to swimming facilities, a gym and a lot of other great facilities. The hall consists of 66 single rooms and 30 en-suite study bedrooms in total.  

Tizard Hall is for undergraduate students on Imperial College only.

Based on your educational institution, e.g. Imperial College, you can easily find the accommodations you are able to apply for when creating a membership at Londonstudenthome.com

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Garden Halls

Garden Halls is the perfect place if you are looking for a student home in central London. The building has a stunning design, the selection of communal areas are great and there is easy access to public transport which makes Garden Halls a great solution.  

Garden Halls has several impressive facilities for residents to enjoy such as a cinema room, a game room, a tennis court and a set of amenities for the students to enjoy and explore. A perfect setting for those wishing to broaden their horizons. There is access to landscaped gardens and green spaces for quiet contemplation.

All rooms are fully furnished, including a private kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom.

Garden Halls has everything a student could wish for in a future accommodation. Garden Halls is only available for for undergraduate students enrolled at the University of London Colleges.

How can Londonstudenthome.com help me find a student accommodation?

Londonstudenthome.com has gathered information about 250 student accommodations making it the largest student housing portal in London (based on number of properties).  LondonStudentHome.com makes it easier for you to find a great student accommodation at an affordable price. Most students find it important to stay in the city of London, as it makes daily life much easier and reduces time spent on transportation. However, it is not cheap to live in the city center, and therefore you need access to an easy accommodation platform.

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