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LONDONSTUDENTHOME.COM IS YOUR GO-TO-GUIDE FOR STUDENT ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS helps you find your perfect Student Accommodation in London. We make it easy for you to search the student housing market and find the student room that fits your needs the best way possible. Use the easy navigation housing map or the search function, to find student rooms in your price range and with the right facilities.

We know, how important it is to find the right home. We aim to provide you with all the necessary information about rent, common areas, laundry rooms, etc., so you can make the best housing decision for you. is an independent website with the sole purpose of giving you the best possible information to find your next home.

By gathering all the information you need in one place, we leave you with time to get ready for your student adventure.

7 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE HELPING STUDENTS IN COPENHAGEN is based on a Danish concept, helping thousands of students in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, to find a student accommodation in a competitive, expensive and non-transparent market. 

LONDONSTUDENTHOME.COM – BASED ON EXPERIENCE was founded by me, Rasmus. I started the concept in Copenhagen, Denmark, after living 4 years in a Hall of Residence, and experiencing the difficulties of moving to a new city, understanding the market structure and possibilities within student accommodation. I decided to solve this problem by launching ‘’, which is the Copenhagen version of, back in 2012.

A couple of years later, I went to study in London, and I had a hard time finding a student accommodation here as well. I ended up paying a fortune for a small room because I was afraid of not finding one at all. That gave me the idea to create a platform that makes it easier for students to find their way around London’s Student Accommodation market and potentially save a lot of money by doing a proper research before making a decision. A platform like could have saved me several hundreds of pounds during my short summer school period.

I hope that will help you find your perfect student room – and get you off to a good start in your new life as a student.

Rasmus Damkjaer
Founder of